Wacky Fridays

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Wacky Fridays

It  a full color two side coupon and local flyer there is nothing like this in maine this flyer is very unique in two ways advertiser get both side also they are on the front page every month for less than $100 per month so call today 207-615-2040

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Our History

In 2004, we started out as a delivery company, servicing small local companies delivering bread and baked goods. While every day we delivered, customers would say they're spending all this money on advertising and web hosting, that it was not effective nor worth what they were paying. So in 2008, we sold our delivery company and focused on making it easy and cheap to advertise, as well as cost effectiveness.We created an all in one system print, web and direct mail.

Low Cost Advertising

This is the place were you can get everything in one place from Printing to Direct Mail and much more. Menu's $200 per month Direct Mail $150 per month Wacky Fridays $100 per montth Custom Direct Mail $300 and up

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